Soft Mount Washer (SYY65 – SYY1200) 6.5-131KG

6.5 – 131 KG

SYY65 – SYY1200

Speed Queen – Built To Last

The perfect versatile and reliable washing machine that will improve your laundry operation. With a large range of capacities available to meet any laundry requirements this machine is well suited to a range of environments including hotels, aged care, hospitals, accommodation facilities and more. Get in contact with our team to find out more on what machine will best suit your needs.

Dependable, Efficient, Versatile

Soft mount washer-extractors offer a versatile alternative for circumstances where a hard mount washer is not applicable. This includes levels above the ground floor and other areas where a suitable base is not available. This is made possible by the machines shock absorption technology which absorbs the vibrations during the wash cycle. 

Speed Queen soft mount washing machines pushed far beyond the limits they would ever face in a commercial setting during testing. When it comes to building a Speed Queen machine, no corners are cut. Focused on the areas that really matter, the performance, reliability, controls and capacity of this Speed Queen washer will leave you extremely satisfied. Simple and effective you won’t have to worry about having any issues when you choose Speed Queen.

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