Commercial Washers and dryers for New Zealand Schools

Decades of experience delivering laundry solutions to New Zealand schools


Schools need to wash and dry laundry for a range of reasons. Between the sports, hospitality or art departments and the boarding house, having reliable laundry equipment is a must.

Speed Queen equipment is perfect for all educational facilities because we provide:


  • Large capacities
  • Reliable & robust operation
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Fast cycle times
Speedqueen internals

Built better to last longer


Large Capacities

Get more washing done faster with our commercial washers and dryers. Our machines are much larger and more powerful than retail machines which are designed for much smaller loads. We have machine capacities ranging from 9KG all the way up to 180KG.


Built better to last longer Speed Queen laundry equipment is built with the most robust and reliable components. Tested for thousands of cycles our machines will not let you down.

Our best-in-class reliability is also met with our industry leading warranties for the rare case something does go wrong. Combined with an extensive nation-wide service network, you can feel safe and supported knowing that we are here to help.

Cost Effectiveness

Commercial machines far out last retail machines, and a Speed Queen is built to be the most reliable commercial machine. So, while the up-front cost of a commercial machine is more expensive, the long term savings make it the more cost-effective option. More cycles in less time will reduce your utility costs and you’ll incur less maintenance and repair costs because of commercial machines superior durability.

Fast Cycle Times

Our commercial washers and dryers are purpose built to handle the rigour of large laundry loads with speed and efficiency. Power through tons of laundry in no time with your Speed Queen laundry equipment. Going from dirty laundry to clean, dry laundry takes a little over an hour with Speed Queen, compared to the numerous hours a domestic machine would take to do the same amount of washing and drying.

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Commercial Front Load Washer

10 KG


10 KG

Military Grade Top Load Washer

8 KG

Military Grade Rear Manual Control Dryer

9 KG

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