Speed Queen can provide the ideal laundry solution for hospitality, hotels, motels and holiday parks.

Hospitality laundry experts

If you are after the ideal commercial laundry solution, Speed Queen is the right place. With a wide range of machines, we can fulfil your requirements. From the largest hotels to the smallest motels, we have experienced it all. Get in touch today to find out more from our expert team.

Speed Queen is perfect for hospitality:

  1. Speed
  2. Reliability
  3. Cost Effectiveness
  4. Superior Technology

1. Speed

When you purchase a Speed Queen not only are you getting a highly reliable machine, but you also gain the benefits of a highly efficient laundry solution. Get through even the toughest loads of laundry in no time with our quick and powerful cycles. More loads of laundry in less time increases your laundry efficiency and means less time that people have to wait for machines to become available. 

speedqueen internals

2. Reliability

Built better to last longer our machines are built with great durability so you don’t have to replace them anytime soon. Our machines are put through many tests to ensure that we can back up our claims of being the most durable machines around. If you are after a coin or card operated machine, our strong and robust tamper proof self-service machines will provide peace of mind while guests do their own laundry.

If something does go wrong, even your repairs will be faster. Speed Queens industry leading warranties and extensive service network means you can feel safe and supported knowing that we are here to help.

Superior washing ability

3. Cost Effective

The upfront cost of a Speed Queen is offset by the many years’ worth of saving in the future. Our machines complete cycles in less time reducing your utility costs and your business will incur less maintenance and repair costs because of the Speed Queen machines superior reliability. High G-Force extraction saves you money by removing more water from each load of washing, this shortens drying times and reduces your energy cost. 


4. Superior Technology

With Speed Queen insights full suite of management software you can get machine reports & alerts, make price alterations and even start machines from your device. As well as this we have machines with built in innovative technology such as leak detection, advanced inverter drive systems and large door openings for easy loading and unloading.

Additionally with cashless payment through card or app activation, modernize your guest laundry with Speed Queen.

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