Opening a laundromat business

We’ve successfully built hundreds of laundromats across New Zealand. Let us help you build a prosperous business.

Experts in setting up and running laundromats

Speed Queen has helped many New Zealanders set up successful laundry businesses. Leveraging our experience in operating our own laundromats, we have the knowledge to guide you toward building a thriving business.

Gain a truly passive income  with…

  1. Easy set up
  2. Simple & remote management
  3. High-quality equipment
  4. Ongoing support

Easy Set Up

Setting up your laundromat with Speed Queen is a breeze. We support you every step of the way to help you build a successful business. We collaborate with you to advise if your site is ideal, provide layout and installation plans, and supply/install top-quality washers and dryers.

Simple & Remote Management

A modern laundromat is possible with Speed Queen. Remote machine management, cashless payment solutions and advanced machine reporting are all available when you choose Speed Queen. With our Insights Gateway and Insights Pro technology you can control your machines 24/7 from the palm of your hand. Passive income is a possibility when you choose Speed Queen.


High Quality Equipment

We make purpose-built machines to handle the rigour of laundromat use. Your customers won’t be let down with our high performance reliable machines. Built better to last longer, your machines will last you for many years. Stay at the forefront of laundry technology with Speed Queen.

Ongoing Support

The extent of our support doesn’t end when your laundromat opens. Speed Queen provides ongoing support so that in the unlikely event of machine issues our nationwide service agents are there to help. Less downtime means more revenue, helping your business to succeed.

Hear what our customers have to say


“We were very impressed with the service the company offered. Speed Queen predicted it would take just three months to get up to speed, which it did, and thereafter the figures and numbers have been spot on – only proving their expertise.”

Paul Screach & Mimi Chua

Kiwi Laundry

Our Products Are Engineered To Keep Up With Your Needs

Coin Or Card Operated Hard Mount Washer

9 – 36 KG

Coin or Card Operated Single Dryer

14 – 34 KG

Coin or Card Operated Commercial Front Load Washer

10 KG

Coin or Card Operated Large Stacked Dryer

14 – 21 KG

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