Architects and Designers

Our experts make laundry design easy for architects and designers.

Decades of experience in laundry design

Speed Queen are your commercial laundry experts. We have undertaken countless laundry designs for both new builds and re-designs. Let us help you design a laundry with efficiency and aesthetics, that excels in both function and form.

Here is how we help:

  1. Access to design specs and resources
  2. A team of experts ready to help
  3. Supply continuity
  4. A longstanding brand you can trust

Design Specs & Resources

Our team of laundry experts have developed all the relevant resources for both architects and designers to aid you with your laundry design. We have detailed specifications on size, weight, inlet piping size, power requirements and more for all of our commercial laundry equipment. 

At Speed Queen we also provide a number of resources to help you provide a better solution. We can create floorplans, 2D or 3D technical drawings and installation plans, freeing up your time to design other areas. 

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A Team Of Experts Ready To Help

Designing a laundry system is complicated. Take advantage of our team of experts who can simplify the process for you and answer all of your questions. We can advise on the optimum size and number of machines based on the estimated throughput for the facility. With a wealth of knowledge in ducting, water, drainage and more we are perfectly suited to advise you on your layout. 

Our laundry experts have been doing this for many years, so you when you choose Speed Queen you get the benefit of all that experience. We have decades of knowledge about what works practically, as well as any legal standards you need to comply with. 

Expert laundry design

Supply Continuity – Product, Service & Parts

With Speed Queen’s unmatched durability and quality you can rest assured that your design can withstand the test of time. Your clients will be extremely satisfied with the peace of mind they will get with Speed Queen’s high quality equipment.

We have plenty of stock in both parts and equipment, as well as service agents nationwide. We’ve been around for over 100 years.  We intend to be supplying the best commercial laundry machines in 100 years time.

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A Longstanding Brand You Can Trust

Speed Queen are veterans of the commercial laundry industry, full of experts with decades of experience. Our commercial machines offer unparalleled ROI compared to alternatives, with more efficient cycles and less maintenance required. We’ve got a reputation for excellent service and durability, something that will reassure your clients that their investment is well worth it.

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