Hard Mount Washer (SCA020 – SCA100) 9-45KG

9 – 45 KG

SCA020 – SCA100

Speed Queen – The Best In Commercial Washing

Speed Queen hard mount washers provide superior cleaning power. Equipped with a heavy-duty frame with durable bearings, a large drum and high-speed spin cycles, these machines are able to quickly and effectively clean large loads of laundry. Hard Mount washers are secured to a concrete ground floor due to their vibrations; this makes them not suitable for all environments such as the second floor of a building. While the machine has limitations on where it can be placed it is cheaper than a soft mount machine which can absorb the vibrations internally.

Reliable and Efficient Washing

Available in a range of capacities to suit your laundry needs, get even the largest loads of laundry done in no time with this commercial washing machine. These machines are constructed with high-quality materials and built to withstand the demands of a commercial laundry environment. This reduces the chance of your machine breaking down and needing repairs, saving you money and reducing downtime.

In addition to its cleaning power and durability, a Speed Queen hard mount washing machine also provides greater control over the washing process. With features such as adjustable water levels and programmable cycles, users can fine-tune the washing process to achieve optimal results. This ensures consistent, high-quality cleaning delivering you the best wash every time. 

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