Manual Rear Control Commercial Dryer (LDE3TR/LDG3TR) 10KG




Speed Queen – Built Better To Last Longer

An ideal machine if you are looking for a classic, reliable, easy to use dryer that won’t let you down. This commercial dryer combines fast dry times with ultimate durability. Less moving parts means there is less that can go wrong and a reduction in the maintenance required. Speed Queen prides itself in building machines with commercial quality at the forefront of its focus. Get in touch today to find out more.

Unmatched Quality and Performance

For a flawless drying experience, efficient dryer heating, robust and sturdy design and cycle customisation to suit your drying needs choose a Speed Queen dryer. This simple to operate dryer is built to meet commercial laundry needs. Childcare centres, hostels, holiday parks, spas, no matter who you are get your drying done in no time and have laundry take up less time in your day.

speedqueen internals

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