Manual Control Commercial Top Load Washer (LWNA62) 9KG



Speed Queen – The Best In Commercial Washing

This Speed Queen commercial washer is our classic top load washing machine. Everything you need in a washer; this machine has it. Simple, reliable, with great performance. If you need a washing machine for a childcare centre, spa, motel or any other commercial setting then this may be the perfect machine for you. Speak to a member of our team today to find out more.

Commercial Quality and Performance

When it comes to building a Speed Queen machine, no corners are cut. With well built durable components, a stainless-steel drum and parts that have been tested for thousands of cycles, this machine won’t let you down. The ‘homestyle’ manual controls make this washer easy and simple to operate while still providing options to customise your cycle to suit your needs.

speedqueen internals

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