Commercial Stacked Washer Dryer (LTEE5A/LTGE5A) 10KG




Speed Queen – Built Better To Last Longer

Need a washer and dryer but short on space? a Speed Queen stacked washer dryer may be the perfect solution. Combining a commercial washer and dryer to save on floor space, this machine will fit right in at commercial environments such as gyms, hospitality, childcare centres and more. With separate controls the washer and dryer operate independently allowing you to wash and dry at the same time.

Uncompromising Commercial Quality

Commercial quality in the form of performance and reliability is what you get when you purchase a Speed Queen. We focus on the areas that really matter. With simple to use controls and a large capacity you will be left extremely satisfied with your commercial machines ability to fulfil your laundry needs.

Large door openings for easy loading and unloading, an improved suspension system and a centralized control system at a convenient working height are just a selection of the features that make this machine so ideal. Get in contact with our friendly team today to find out  the perfect machine for your laundry requirements.

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