Coin or Card Operated Commercial Front Load Washer (SFNNXA) 10KG



Speed Queen – The Best In Commercial Washing

Superior performance & long-lasting reliability means clean laundry for years to come. With a coin or card operated payment system attached customers can simply pay and do their laundry issue-free themselves. Earn a passive income and keep your customers happy with this Speed Queen commercial washing machine.

Perfect For Your Commercial Environment

Laundromat, Hotel, Student Accomidation, Hostel, whatever your commercial environment, this machine will excel. Easy to use controls allow your customers to do their laundry themselves meaning you can focus on more imporant tasks while your machine makes you money. Feel secure in your investment with a card payment system or with a secure high capacity coin vault.

Sturdy components such as a stainless steel drum make this machine built to last. Don’t worry about your machine breaking down on you, Speed Queen washers are renouned for their superior reliability.

speedqueen internals

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