Barrier Washer (SB265 – SB1800) 18-180KG

18 – 180 KG

SB180 – SB1800

Hygienic Washing with Speed Queen

For the ultimate hygienic laundry option choose a Speed Queen Barrier Washer. Barrier washers are purpose built to separate clean and dirty laundry to avoid cross contamination. The machine is built into a wall to separate the clean and dirty sides, the hygienic benefit of this machine is perfect for environments such as hospitals where hygiene is of utmost importance. Speed Queen machines are extremely reliable, you can feel secure that your laundry operation won’t be struck by constant disruptions due to machine issues.

Speed Queen Innovation

Specialised to provide the best in hygiene while maintaining everything that makes Speed Queen washers so effective. Barrier Washers have innovative technology such as sensors to ensure that the door on the contaminated side remains locked while the door on the cleanroom side is open, and vice versa. The design of this machine eliminates contaminaiton risk helping you to adhere to laundry hygiene standards. While the barrier washer has a host of features to ensure hygienic washing, the washing power, reliability and quick wash times associated with Speed Queen washers also remains.

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