Why are my towels taking so long to dry?

Sep 7, 2023

Have you ever wondered why it takes forever for your towels to dry? Well, lots of people who do laundry have thought about this. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a hotel, hospital, school, or just at home – sometimes it feels like towels take far too long to dry. Our laundry experts decided to sit down and finally answer this question.

How Does a Dryer Actually Work?

Before we talk about what might be causing your dryer to be slow, let’s understand how dryers work. There are three important things that help dry your towels: heat, the spinning movement, and air. Heat helps the water in the linen evaporate faster by agitating the water molecules.  The tumble motion keeps air circulating all around the linen for an even dry and to continually expose dry air to the linen – enabling water to evaporate from the linen into the air. Airflow brings in fresh dry air and takes out damp air.

Clean the Lint Filter

If your dryer seems to be getting slower, the first thing to check is the lint filter. If it’s full, the dryer can’t get enough air, and the towels stay wet for longer. You can find the lint filter near the door of the dryer. You just need a wet cloth or a vacuum cleaner to clean it. Make sure you do this regularly.

Another important part of the dryer is the air filter and vents. These should be cleaned once a year, but if the lint filter is often full, you need to clean them more often. If they get clogged, the dryer can’t get enough air, and cleaning the lint filter won’t help. Ensure care is taken when cleaning these parts!

Check How You Wash

How fast your towels spin and how long they wash affects how wet they are. If they spin slowly or wash for a short time, they stay wet. This means they’ll take longer to dry. Also, dirt and other particles left on the towels after washing can stop water from disappearing, which makes drying take longer. If the lint filter isn’t the issue, make sure you’re using the right soap and washing settings for your towels.

Humidity Makes a Difference

If the air going into the dryer is already full of water, the dryer has to work much harder (and longer) to dry the towels. There’s not much you can do about this, except maybe using a dehumidifier . But remember, big changes in humidity will change how fast your towels dry.

Don’t Overload the Dryer

It might be tempting to stuff the dryer full to save time, but this actually makes drying way slower. The towels in the middle won’t get enough air to dry well. The dryer’s instructions will tell you how much you can put in. It’s best to follow those instructions because they come from a lot of testing.

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