What should be considered when designing a laundry?

Oct 24, 2023

How important is laundry design?

When considering commercial laundry operations, it’s common for people to focus on what they perceive as the ‘major issues.’ For a laundromat, this might revolve around the site location, but more broadly, it encompasses selecting machines based on load capacity and efficiency. Equally significant, yet often overlooked initially, is the physical layout of your laundry space.

A Thoughtful Approach:

The key to a successful laundry system lies in careful planning. It’s essential to ensure that the space is tailored to your specific requirements. A meticulous and purposeful design eliminates the risk of errors, saving valuable time and money that would otherwise be spent rectifying mistakes. A comprehensive design takes into account fundamental elements such as power, water, and gas supply, as well as adequate ventilation. These factors determine where machines can or cannot be installed, influencing other aspects of the design.

Deliberate Space Utilization:

The second aspect of a purposeful design revolves around HOW the space will be utilized. Firstly, the intended purpose of the space must be thoroughly examined. A laundromat will have different requirements compared to a hospital laundry room. While all facilities require sufficient room for movement, the definition of ‘adequate space’ varies by industry. A laundromat should be designed to be inviting, fostering a welcoming atmosphere, whereas efficiency takes precedence in a hospitality laundry room.

The design also incorporates specialized equipment such as barrier washers, which minimize the risk of cross-contamination between dirty and clean laundry. If barrier washers aren’t viable, the laundry room layout can still be optimized to reduce this risk by minimizing opportunities for cross-contamination.

How Can We Assist:

Our team of laundry experts possesses extensive experience in this field and is more than willing to assist you. With decades of knowledge about what works and familiarity with legal standards, we can provide invaluable guidance. We recommend reaching out to us so that we can assist you in creating an efficient floorplan, complete with 2D and 3D drawings, and an installation plan. This meticulous planning ensures that your laundry operation operates at peak efficiency!

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