The Future Of Laundry Is Now

Jun 29, 2023

Seriously. No Joke.

The commercial laundry market is experiencing a wave of innovation with the introduction of a game-changing product line for small to medium laundromats. Speed Queen has launched new touch screen stacked washer/dryers, SSA30 and SSA50, which are supported by our customer app and an app for laundromat owners, Speed Queen Insights.

These compact stacked washer/dryers are designed to optimise floor space and maximise revenue generation. With the washer and dryer taking up the same footprint and being large enough to handle most loads, these sleek machines are a glimpse into the future of laundry technology.

Speed Queen Insights make managing a laundromat effortless with its powerful features. Regardless of whether you own five washers or five stores, Insights streamlines management and allows owners to spend more time on what matters. With real-time data available 24/7/365, owners can manage their fleet of machines from their mobile phone, giving them control when and where they want it.

Speed Queen’s customer app also offers convenience for laundromat users. Users can pay for their laundry using their phones, and the app will even notify them when their laundry is completed, allowing them to optimise their time. Furthermore, owners can reward loyal customers with free washes/drys through criteria established in the app, and even create marketing campaigns to maintain loyalty and spread out peak machine usage across the week.

To see the cutting-edge touch screen control and customer app technologies in action, you can watch a short video demonstration. The future of laundry is now with these innovative products and technologies from Speed Queen.

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