Laundromat Client Stories

Perfect Plan

Prior to construction, Speed Queen provided Stuart detailed 3D renders showing what the site would look like when finished. Read the article to find out how perfect these plans were to matching the finished product.

Build It And They’ll Come

Read how Speed Queen’s Automation technology with a cashless payment system, remote machine management and the ability to earn revenue 24/7 enabled Paul and Mimi to build a second laundromat.

Make Money On The Side

Read about the change in people’s perceptions towards laundromats. Jan and Gary found that people increasingly use laundromats to save on space and time.

Too Good To Sell

Often people question whether it is better to buy an existing laundromat or set up a new one. To that we say “how many Speed Queen laundromats do you see for sale?” Not many, find out why.

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