5 Laundry Myths Debunked

May 25, 2023

At Speed Queen, our laundry experts have heard all sorts of laundry tips, ranging from advice on removing stubborn stains to ways to reduce costs per cycle. Read on to discover which of these tips are actually myths.

1: More Detergent = Cleaner Laundry

While this myth may seem logical, it does not apply to laundry. Using too much detergent can lead to overflowing suds that deposit dirt and grime all over the machine. This can cause laundry to be improperly cleaned or damage the machine as dirt enters the mechanisms or seals. Furthermore, excess suds cannot be pumped out of a washing machine, causing drag on the spinning bowl and preventing the machine from achieving full speed. This results in excess moisture and suds remaining in your laundry.

2: Hairspray Removes Ink Stains

In the past, hairspray contained a significant amount of alcohol, which was effective in removing ink stains. However, today’s aerosol-based hairspray contains very little alcohol and is primarily aerosol-based using propellant. Spraying hairspray all over your ink stains is likely to create an even bigger mess.

3: Washing Machines Can’t Handle Delicate Items

The notion that washing machines cannot wash products labelled as “hand wash only” is a thing of the past, when washers only had one cycle option. Today’s machines are equipped with advanced and programmable cycles that can adjust temperature, speed, and wash duration. 

4: There Is No Difference Between Domestic and Commercial Machines

Commercial machines offer several advantages over domestic machines in most business applications. Firstly, commercial machines are considerably more durable and use high-quality parts designed to withstand extensive use and large loads. Secondly, commercial machines provide another level of customization and programmability over domestic machines, allowing you to control every aspect of your laundry process.

5: Commercial Laundry Is Expensive

Although commercial laundry may have a higher initial cost, it is considerably cheaper in the long run than domestic machines. This is because you will not need to replace them for many years, and they offer greater efficiency, enabling you to reduce costs in the long run. The reduced repair/replacement and utility bills will save you money multiple times over.

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