4 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Commercial Washer Or Dryer

May 8, 2023

Tips for Washing Machines

Follow these handy tips to ensure that your washing machines are efficient, clean, and durable.

  1. Check the filter screens in the fill hoses annually for debris or damage. Clean or replace them as needed to maintain a consistent, high-quality clean.
  2. Monthly, inspect all hoses for visible signs of deterioration such as cracks, blisters, or material wear. Immediately replace any hoses showing these signs to prevent further damage.
  3. During extended periods of non-use, keep the washer loading door open to prevent a musty smell.

Tips for Dryers

Follow these handy tips to keep your dryers operating at their best.

  1. Check the cylinder daily for any foreign objects that could cause damage to clothing or other equipment.
  2. Clean the lint compartment and screen daily to maintain proper airflow and prevent overheating. Monthly, remove lint and debris from inside the exhaust duct to ensure proper airflow.
  3. Thoroughly clean the dryer annually. Consider hiring an authorized service agent to perform this maintenance.
  4. Regularly inspect the outside weather hood to ensure that the dampers move freely and are not pushed in or obstructed by anything.

By following these tips, you can extend the lifespan of your commercial washing machines and dryers, ensuring they operate efficiently and effectively for years to come.

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